2015's Sugar Hill Stockholm kicks off on the 4-6th of September!



Sugar Hill Stockholm is a different kind of dance weekend , it is a party weekend for jazz lovers!


Spend 3 days in Stockholm and enjoy the late summertime with swing dancing, live orchestras, live performances, international swing DJs, beautiful surroundings, venues and much more.


This year is different. The venues are smaller and more intimate and we focus on socializing and having fun. We have engaged our favorite bands and DJs.


Friday night is tropical themed and the party is on a boat that stay ashore. The M/S Borgila is docked by the famous waterside at Södermalm along house boats, hostel boats and party venues.

On stage we will have The Lady Swing Orchestra and DJ Fatima!


Saturday we chill out in the garden and classic interior of the old Villa Adolfsberg. Starting already in the afternoon with drinks and garden games to later transform to a house party.

Expect the hottest music that ever burned your ear, we are honored to once again present our SPECIAL GUEST the fabulous DJ Kamikaze from London!.


Hope to see you here in Stockholm in September!


/Sugar Hill Trio

Madelin, Josefine och Sandra





Sugar Hill 2013 Movie made by Gregor Pottmeier.